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Terms of use

How we expect people to use and behave on the site

Violation of any of the below rules is likely to lead to the suspension of your account, and you will no longer be able to make requests or updates on

In some cases, breaking these rules could lead to legal action being taken against you by the authorities or an aggrieved party.

Additionally, breaches often take significant amounts of volunteer time to deal with and risk Handlingar’s ability to run the service.

  • Use only to request specific information, not for general correspondence with public authorities, and certainly not for personal correspondence.
  • Do not include potentially defamatory/potential libellous comments (such as allegations) in your requests and annotations.
  • Do not post information that is unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, discriminatory or profane.
  • Only use to request information which anyone could expect to obtain if they requested it. If you have a specific right to information, for example because you are seeking your own personal information, then you should correspond privately with the public body concerned to request it.
  • Keep messages sent via our service concise and tightly focused on the subject of the request for information.
  • Do not try to impersonate someone else.
  • Do not use any language likely to offend in your requests and annotations.
  • No spamming.
  • Do not make vexatious requests (requests with no serious purpose, or which are intended to disrupt the operation of a public body).
  • Do not use our service to request other people’s personal information and do not include such information in requests, annotations or follow-ups, unless it is fair to do so.
  • Do not seek to evade the actions of site administrators by, for example, creating new accounts to evade a ban, or a rate-limiting cap, or by republishing material which you know has been removed by moderators.

By breaking the rules above, you risk being banned from using the site. Your requests and annotations risk being removed. In cases where it is clear that your intentions are not malicious, we will contact you first so that we can give advice on how better to use the service.