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Thank you for your e-mail and the session on search defaults on Monday, which was very informative 
and interesting. We will take this and your view below on the EP amendment regarding 6.1 k into 
consideration in the upcoming work with the DMA. 
Best regards, 
Eva Ljungbert
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Från: Sophie Dembinski <
Skickat: den 2 februari 2022 12:00
Till: Eva Ljungbert <xxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>
Ämne: DMA - Fair Advertising Terms (§6 k)
Dear Ms. Ljungbert,
Thank you for attending our session on Monday on Search Defaults. Following on from this, I 
am writing with regards to another key issue which we were unfortunately not able to cover 
during the session due to its sensitive nature: Fair Advertising terms within the DMA (§6 k, 
see below) as proposed by the EP to ensure that Gatekeepers provide access to core 
platform services at FRAND conditions:
Amendment 132: Art. 6 - Para 1, Point k:
 'apply transparent, fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory general conditions of access and 
conditions that are not less favourable than the conditions applied to its own service for 
business users to its core platform services designated pursuant to Article 3 of this 
Fair advertising terms, as set out in the above would prove vital to the profitability of 
competitor search engines such as Ecosia and key to preventing gatekeepers from continuing 
to exploit their current dominant position to the detriment of EU competitors and consumers 
going forward. 

We would be delighted to discuss this issue with you in greater detail. Please do feel free to 
let me know if this is of interest and if a call over the coming weeks would prove useful
Again, thank you for attending the session on Monday and wishing you a lovely day. 
Kind regards, 
Sophie Dembinski
Head of Public Policy & UK Country Manager
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