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Subject:                             VB: Update on DMA 6.1.f
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Skickat: den 4 februari 2022 11:11
Till: Eva Ljungbert <xxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>; Berfin Eken 
Kopia: Marion Ghaffarnejad <xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx>; Håkan Hillefors 
Ämne: Update on DMA 6.1.f
Dear Eva and Berfin 
Ahead of our conversation next week, I wanted to send you our latest paper paper on Art. 6.1.f - given the 
important differences between the Council and Parliament text. 
We believe that it is crucial to stick to a proportionate and predictable legal text; to further protect user 
security, safety and data protection; and to ensure that the DMA does not, across the board, limit technical 
solutions linked to interoperability or prescribe specific conditions of access. It also tackles the difference 
in scope linked to ancillary services as proposed by Parliament.  
Looking forward to any questions you may have.  
Please note that you will receive an out of office message from me during the next week in case you send 
me an email. I will be checking emails intermittently, but if you need urgent attention, please also write 
directly to my colleague Marc at 
Best regards, 
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