Detta är en HTML-version av en bilaga till begäran om allmän handling 'Digital Services Act / Digital Markets Act'.

From:                                 Policy AlgorithmWatch
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Subject:                             Open Letter: Use the DSA to Stop Platforms from Suppressing Public Interest 
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Dear Minister,
we write to you in the middle of the ongoing legislative procedure on the Digital Services Act (DSA). In the name 
of 6.126 citizens and researchers and 35 civil society and scientific organizations, we want to draw your attention to the recent 
alarming examples of platforms oppressing public interest research about how they influence public debate. 
With the DSA, you have the opportunity to grant researchers, journalists, and civil society organizations reliable access to 
platform data. The signatories of the attached letter ask you to use this opportunity. 
Please find our detailed demands as well as the full list of signatories attached. The letter has been addressed to Members of 
the European Parliament and to representatives of EU Member States involved in the legislative procedure on the DSA.  
In case of any questions or feedback, please contact us at
Yours sincerely,
Matthias Spielkamp
Co-Founder and Executive Director, AlgorithmWatch
AlgorithmWatch is a non-profit research and advocacy organization committed to evaluating and shedding light on algorithmic 
decision-making processes that have a social relevance. We are a member of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence 
(GPAI) and a registered observer of the Council of Europe’s Ad-Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI). 
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