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From:                                 Berfin Eken
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Subject:                             VB: DSA discussion Snapchat - letter on DSA co-signed with other digital 
Attachments:                   Letter from Innovative Digital Businesses - EU Digital Services Act .pdf
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Från: Laura Seritti <> 
Skickat: den 15 oktober 2021 12:38
Till: Berfin Eken <xxxxxx.xxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>
Kopia: Marita Ljunggren <xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx>; Jean Gonie <>
Ämne: DSA discussion Snapchat - letter on DSA co-signed with other digital companies
Dear Berfin, 
In preparation to our discussion next week, please find enclosed a letter we co-signed with other 
companies sharing our ideas about the need for a more proportionate and risk-based approach on 
VLOPs in the DSA. 
We are circulating the letter to major stakeholders in an attempt to raise attention and open up a debate 
on this important point. 
I look forward to further discussing this with you. 
Kind regards, 
Head of Public Policy, Brussels 
mobile: + 32 485 89 19 25 
Snapchat: laura_seri21