Detta är en HTML-version av en bilaga till begäran om allmän handling 'Digital Services Act / Digital Markets Act'.

From: Eva Ljungbert <xxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>
Sent: Friday, 2 July 2021 16:47
To: Martin Ruby <>
Cc: Marcus Boklund <xxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>; Håkan Hillefors 
<xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>; Hedvig Landahl <xxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxx.xx>; Marita Ljunggren 
Subject: Sv: Facebook's DMA position & perhaps time for a meeting? 
Dear Martin, 
Thank you for sharing your position papers with us. We would definitely be open for a meeting 
but as you write, summer holiday is getting very near and some of us are already on holiday. 
We would therefore suggest to meet in August. I think most of us will be back the week that 
starts with the 16th. Maybe we can be in touch after that to book a meeting when everyone´s 
calendar is up to date. 
Best regards, 
Eva Ljungbert
Eva Ljungbert
Deputy Director
Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
Division for Market and Competition
103 33 Stockholm
Tel. + 46 8 405 46 26
Mobil + 46 70 486 50 46
Från: Martin Ruby <> 
Skickat: den 1 juli 2021 16:14
Till: Eva Ljungbert <xxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>; Marcus Boklund 

<xxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>; Håkan Hillefors <xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>; 
Hedvig Landahl <xxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxx.xx>; Marita Ljunggren <xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx>
Kopia: Laura Carstens <>; Janne Elvelid <>
Ämne: Facebook's DMA position & perhaps time for a meeting? 
Dear all,  
Thanks again for a good meeting a couple of months back on DMA and I hope all is well in your 
I'm reaching out again on the DMA to share some new position papers from our side. See the 
attached. One of them are our proposed amendments to the DMA text and the other paper is 
our comments to the recent Portuguese Presidency compromise text on DMA. 
Also, would you have time for a meeting to discuss where we are on DMA at this point? We 
would bring our expert, Jakob, into the meeting again then. I know summer holiday is getting 
very near - so if it works better for you, we could aim for middle or end of August if that is 
Martin Ruby 
Martin Ruby
Head of Public Policy, Nordic countries 
Ny Carlsberg Vej 80, 1799, Copenhagen V
Facebook | Mobile +45 60 72 24 90
From: Jakob Kucharczyk <>
Sent: Tuesday, 23 March 2021 18:49
To: Eva Ljungbert <xxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>; Marcus Boklund 

<xxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>; Håkan Hillefors <xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>; 
Hedvig Landahl <xxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxx.xx>; Marita Ljunggren <xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx>
Cc: Martin Ruby <>; Laura Carstens <>
Subject: Follow-up to our meeting - DMA position paper on regulatory design
Dear all, 
Thank you again for your time last week - we very much appreciated the exchange with you. 
As we have mentioned, we have now completed our position paper on various regulatory 
design aspects of the DMA. You can find it attached. 
As we're early in the process, this paper is intended to constructively contribute to ongoing 
discussions. We would very much welcome your thoughts and feedback on it should you have 
any. While our thoughts will obviously evolve as the legislative process evolves, we do hope 
that you will find the paper useful. 
Needless to say, we're happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the 
paper in another 'face-to-face' exchange should you find that helpful. 
We look forward to continuing the dialogue. 
All the best
Jakob Kucharczyk 
Competition Policy Lead, EMEA | +32 492 887 943