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Ämne: DMA, side-loading & security 
Dear Eva 
Thank you again for taking the time to speak to us today; we really appreciate the dialogue with you! 
As announced, please find below the link and a PDF of our latest publication on the threats of side-
loading. It includes an extensively sourced analysis of the mobile malware ecosystem, including concrete 
examples, and the universally recognised and tangible threats that side-loading would generate. 
Strengthening cyber security is a political priority in Europe  
The European Agency for Cybersecurity ENISA  has identified some 230.000 new mobile malware 
infections per day. In her recent State of Union speech, Commission President von der Leyen announced 
efforts to strengthen the EU’s cyber resilience, with a focus on connected devices. Just last week, the 
European Parliament called on the EU to build "a common vision for achieving online security”. 
Governments and international agencies worldwide, like ENISA and Europol, advise against downloading 
apps from third-party app stores.  
This is relevant for both the security of end-users, as well as corporate data and corporate networks. Large 
amounts of malware and security threats on third-party app stores shows that they do not have sufficient 
vetting procedures to check for apps containing known malware, privacy violations, copycat apps, apps 
with illegal or objectionable content, and unsafe apps targeted at children. 
I can only emphasise again that we at Apple believe that the cyber risk generated by the obligation to 
allow side-loading needs to be adequately taken into account by policy-makers.  
Please let me know if you have any additional questions about this or any other topic.
With best regards, 

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