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From:                                 Eva Ljungbert
Sent:                                  Tue, 9 Nov 2021 11:00:39 +0100
To:                                      N Registrator
Subject:                             VB: DMA - BusinessEurope - Bilateral
Importance:                     High
Categories:                       SW
Från: Patrick Grant <x.xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx> 
Skickat: den 15 juni 2021 16:02
Till: Eva Ljungbert <xxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>
Kopia: Håkan Hillefors <xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>
Ämne: RE: DMA - BusinessEurope - Bilateral 
Hi Eva, 
Friday this week would be great – I am pretty free for now so please propose a time that suits. 
From: Eva Ljungbert <xxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx> 
Sent: 15 June 2021 15:53
To: Patrick Grant <x.xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>
Cc: Håkan Hillefors <xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>
Subject: Sv: DMA - BusinessEurope - Bilateral 
Dear Patrick,  
Thank you very much for your position paper. Very interesting and the position is very clearly lined out. Of 
course, we are open to listen if you wish to have a meeting about your position. Please let us know if you, 
in that case, would be interested in a phone call or a meeting with some more colleagues from the 
ministries. Friday this week or Tuesday or Wednesday next week looks good.  
Best regards,  
Eva Ljungbert 
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