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Subject:                             VB: DMA, inför mötet imorgon kl 14
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Från: Carola Ekblad <xxxxxx.xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx> 
Skickat: den 6 maj 2021 12:14
Till: Eva Ljungbert <xxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>
Kopia: Håkan Hillefors <xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>; Marcus Boklund 
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Ämne: DMA, inför mötet imorgon kl 14 
Inför mötet imorgon passar jag på att redan nu skicka er våra huvudbudskap:
Key messages 
 We support the proposal to supplement existing competition law with rules to ensure 
that competitive markets in the digital sector are more predictable and effective. 
 It must be possible for companies to challenge existing players in digital markets and 
to create growth, both on their own merits and by offering innovative and efficient 

 A harmonized regulatory framework should be safeguarded as much as possible. 
Additional national legislative initiatives covering the same competencies should be 
avoided, to reduce the risk of overlapping or conflicting regulation. 

 Conferring on the Commission investigative, enforcement and monitoring powers, 
and involving Member States through the Advisory Committee on Digital Markets, will 
contribute to the uniform application of the law. 

 The Commission should allocate the resources required to be able to exercise 
effective and efficient supervision of the DMA once it enters into force. 
 The DMA should be very clear on who is targeted and apply to companies that have 
the greatest market power and the ability to exercise such power in the digital 

 The DMA should apply extraterritorially to digital platforms based outside of Europe 
but offering their services to business users and end users based within it.  
 The quantitative thresholds set out in Article 3(2) contribute to predictability and 
legal certainty. The threshold values should be evaluated in connection with the 
review of the regulation. 

 The possibility of designating gatekeeper status to a company through additional 
quantitative criteria in Article 3(6) provide flexibility, but the criteria need to be 
further clarified as business need legal certainty. 

 We support the proposal in Article 3(7), that the Commission shall determine the core 
platform services offered by the gatekeepers and which of those would be subject to 
the obligations in Articles 5 and 6. 

 For the regulation to remain relevant over time and to continue to contribute to 
predictability, innovative power and a good investment climate, the rules must - as 
far as possible - be principle based and technology neutral. 

 A regulatory dialogue - such as that proposed in Article 7 - is important. It increases 
legal certainty, proportionality and relevance. Any gatekeeper who is subject to a 
review by the Commission must therefore always be given the opportunity to 

 We question the possibility of suspending an individual core platform service from 
specific obligations on the grounds of financial considerations (Article 8).  
 The conditions for exempting an individual core platform service from certain public 
interest obligations (Article 9) should be further clarified. 
Vi ser fram emot att gå igenom dessa tillsammans med er imorgon.
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