Detta är en HTML-version av en bilaga till begäran om allmän handling 'Digital Services Act / Digital Markets Act'.

From:                                 Eva Ljungbert
Sent:                                  Wed, 24 Mar 2021 19:27:12 +0100
To:                                      N Registrator
Subject:                             FW: Follow-up to our meeting - DMA position paper on regulatory design
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Från: Jakob Kucharczyk <> 
Datum: tisdag 23 mars 2021 6:49 em 
Till: Eva Ljungbert <xxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>, Marcus Boklund 
<xxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>, Håkan Hillefors <xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>, Hedvig 
Landahl <xxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxx.xx>, Marita Ljunggren <xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx
Kopia: Martin Ruby <>, Laura Carstens <> 
Ämne: Follow-up to our meeting - DMA position paper on regulatory design 
Dear all,  
Thank you again for your time last week - we very much appreciated the exchange with you.  
As we have mentioned, we have now completed our position paper on various regulatory 
design aspects of the DMA. You can find it attached.  
As we're early in the process, this paper is intended to constructively contribute to ongoing 
discussions. We would very much welcome your thoughts and feedback on it should you have 
any. While our thoughts will obviously evolve as the legislative process evolves, we do hope that 
you will find the paper useful.  
Needless to say, we're happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the 
paper in another 'face-to-face' exchange should you find that helpful.  
We look forward to continuing the dialogue.  
All the best 
Jakob Kucharczyk  
Competition Policy Lead, EMEA | +32 492 887 943