Dates and numbers of appointments for passport renewal

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Dear Embassy of Sweden London,

For the last six months I have been trying to arrange an appointment to renew my wife’s Swedish passport at the embassy in London.

I go to the online booking system three times a day and get the same message that no appointments are available and that new appointments are added on a regular basis.

Can you supply me with the following information for period 1 April 2022 - 31 July 2022

The total number of appointments added to the online booking system
The dates and times at which appointments have been added to the system

Yours faithfully,
Andrew Ponton

Ambassaden London, Embassy of Sweden London

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Meddelande från ambassadör Mikaela Kumlin Granit



Message from the Ambassador Mikaela Kumlin Granit


Appointments for passports and coordination numbers (samordningsnummer)

• You can only book your appointment online. More information [3]here.
• NEW information! Appointments are released continuously and without
• Due to the extremely high demand, the appointments are quickly
booked. If no times are shown in the calendar which, unfortunately,
means that we are fully booked. If a customer cancels their
appointment, that slot will then be released in the calendar and can
be booked by another customer.
• You do not need an appointment to get an emergency passport at the
Embassy. We are open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between
9am-11am for emergency passports. More information [4]here.
• High demand for slots can lead to technical problems. Please ensure
you have received a booking confirmation code before attending the




Travel restrictions due to COVID-19

Please note that the Embassy cannot answer individual questions about what
documentation is needed to travel between Sweden and the UK.


For general travel information, please [6]visit our website, which is
regularly updated.


Travelling to Sweden

For general travel information for Sweden, please [7]visit our website.


For travels to Sweden, the Embassy has the same information that is
available to you on the websites of the [8]Swedish Police and [9]Public
Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten).


The Embassy does not issue any certificates to guarantee entry into Sweden
and cannot give indications as to which documentation the Swedish Police
Authority may approve. This is because the Police Authority assesses entry
on a case-by-case basis upon arrival in Sweden and does not provide any
individual approval prior to entry.


Travelling to the UK

For general travel information for the UK, please [10]visit our website.

For any further information, please check with [11]British authorities.


New rules for coordination numbers from 1 January 2022

Coordination numbers now expire after 5 years. For more information,
please visit the [12]website of the Swedish Tax Agency (in Swedish only)
or call them +46 8 564 851 60 (in Swedish and English). 

Please make sure that you always inform the Swedish Tax Agency of your new
contact address so they can then inform you before the coordination number
expires. More information [13]here.


Other common queries and where to find the answer

• For openings hours and contact information, please [14]visit our
• For information about the rules for EU citizens moving to the UK
post-Brexit, please [15]see our website. Please note that the Embassy
cannot answer individual questions about the British immigration
system. Please contact [16]British Authorities.
• The deadline to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme was 30 June 2021,
but it is possible to make a late application under certain
circumstances. More information and contact information [17]here.
• The Embassy is following the current guidelines on social distancing
which is why you may be asked to wait outside the Embassy. We ask that
you respect these measures and accept that waiting times may be longer
than usual. 


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