EFAS Informal Flood Notification*

Country(ies): Germany
River(s): Rhine (Rhine)
Predicted start of event: Tuesday, 13th of July 2021 - 12:00
Earliest predicted peak: Wednesday, 14th of July 2021 - 00:00
Probability to exceed a 5-year return period threshold: 50 %
Probability to exceed a 20-year return period threshold: 22 %
Forecast date: 2021-07-10 00 UTC
Comment: This EFAS Flood Notification is only informal due to the model inconsistency

This is the only notification you will receive for this event! Please follow the evolution of the event on EFAS.


Jasper Stam
Rijkswaterstaat Water Management Center for the Netherlands
tel: +31 6 51760317
email: [email address]

* Formal = previously known as EFAS Flood Alert, Informal = previously known as EFAS Flood Watch.
The conditions for an EFAS Flood Notification of Type: Formal/Informal can be found here.